The Law Office of Edward E. Sharkey LLC is a firm of corporate and trial lawyers focusing on business law and the investigation and litigation of disputes for businesses, investment firms, and individuals. An indicator of our success is the diversity of clients that seek our counsel and services. We represent individuals, investors, and businesses in all aspects of business formation, operation, acquisitions, finance, and sales. We also represent both plaintiffs and defendants, from multi-national corporations to individuals, in the litigation of business, contract, securities, breach of fiduciary duty, construction, negligence, and professional liability claims.

Our Structure
We organized our firm to deliver cost-effective results to our clients. We are a leanly staffed firm that uses the latest technology to provide the best service without undue expense. At the same time, we maintain relationships with other, similarly-focused firms in Maryland, Washington DC, and nationwide in order to obtain scale when managing larger transactions and litigation. We also have a network of business and professional relationships that we use to connect clients with services and resources to help them reach their goals.

The Firm’s Excellence
Our attorneys have the best professional and educational experience in our field of practice. The firm is a recognized academic resource in the business and legal community. We lecture lawyers, businesses, and pension professionals on topics concerning business and pension law. We have presented seminars and articles for organizations as diverse as the National Business Institute, the National Law Journal, the Institute of Management Accountants, the Maryland and Virginia Associations of Certified Public Accountants, the American Bar Association, the Bar Association of Montgomery County, MD and the American Society of Pension Actuaries.